Hiring People with Disabilities

 Hiring People With Disabilities

As an accredited rehabilitation facility, Tasks Unlimited believes that being part of the workforce greatly enriches the lives of those living with serious mental illness. By contracting with us, your organization reaps benefits while indirectly reducing the public tax burden and promoting corporate citizenship.

Stable Workforce
Essential off-site services such as transportation assistance, vocational training and mental health services ensure your workforce is on-time and provides the highest level of service to your organization.

The average Tasks Unlimited Building Services employee has been with the organization for nearly 11 years.

Decreases dependency on disability services
It is not uncommon for Tasks Unlimited Building Services employees to prefer full-time work, choosing to opt out of Social Security Disability benefits.

High job satisfaction
Working assists mental health stability. As a result, Building Services employees enjoy a high job satisfaction rate and low workforce turnover—less than ten percent annually.

Reduces public tax burden
Our employees earned over $2,392,380.93 in 2022 and paid taxes that support their communities.

For more information on the benefits of employing people with disabilities, contact us at 612-767-2055.