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All program participants must complete a training program before moving into a lodge or the JOBS program. All training programs include mental health support, paid job training and self-sufficiency development.

Participants who have established stable living situations can enter the JOBS training program. For those in need of stable housing, we offer supported housing training in conjunction with the JOBS training program.

Graduates from the training programs have opportunities to further their career by opting to work full time, cross training into a different type of work or participating in our Career Ladder Program to learn supervisory and contract management skills.

JOBS Training Program

The JOBS Training Program offers paid, on-the-job training in janitorial services while program participants work on mental health maintenance and daily living skills.

Tasks Unlimited Training Center Program

Men and women receive peer support and training as well as the assistance of skilled mental health professionals in order to build up a satisfactory level of peer and self-sufficiency for living in a Tasks Unlimited lodge.

Transitions Lodge

The Transitions Lodge is the first of its kind in the Twin Cities to provide transitional housing to individuals with mental illness, teaching individuals to live stably and successfully in the community.

For more information on Tasks Unlimited’s training programs, please see our admission criteria page.